Tour & Tickets

Phone : 082 747 5726  (on Show Dates only from 10am to 8pm)

Land Line : 016 424 1805  (8am to 8pm daily)

Or : 079 848 1654 or 067 996 0547

Or send an email message to:-

Come and experience the magic of the circus. From poodles to pythons, acrobats to clowns, the McLaren Circus is great family fun at affordable prices. The McLaren Circus is currently on tour. See the tour dates and show times on this page.

The ticket prices are affordable at:-

R110: Side Benches, Card R125

R140: Middle Raised chairs, Card R155

R160: Ringside. Card R175

Children under the age of two years old enter for free (babies may sit on parents’ lap). The ticket office is at the circus site and is open on show days from 10am to 8pm. Ticket holders are allowed access to the Big Top from 30 minutes prior to each show. Bookings close one hour before show time.

For telephonic bookings and enquiries call: 082 747 5726 or 016 424 1805. Please all those who make telephonic or email bookings must be at the ticket office at least one hour before the show time to claim their tickets. If not then those tickets may be sold to the general public on site at the ticket office.

The cost of the tickets are:

Side Benches: Card R125 per person, Cash Special R110

Raised Chairs: Card R155 per person, Cash Special R140

Ringside Chairs: Card R175 per person, Cash Special R160


Available during interval include pony rides, balloon-sculpture, flickering lights, circus novelty’s and photos of you with a python.

Refreshments are on sale during interval and prior to the show and include Popcorn, Candy floss, Pancakes, Hot-dogs, Slush puppies, lollipops and Cold-drinks.

The seating diagram is:

To make use of the special offer vouchers below, you will need to print out the voucher(s) and present them in hard copy form at our Ticket Office.
To do so, click on the voucher you want and then print from your web browser.

– Present Voucher at Ticket Office, in form of Hard-copy
– Voucher Excludes Unreserved Seats (Valid for the R140 Raised Seats or R160 Ringside Seats)
– One Voucher Per Deal
– Valid Monday to Fridays

Kindly Note:

We have our own generator thus shows go on whether Eskom is load shedding or not.

    • Only valid ticket holders will be allowed entry.
    • Right of admission is reserved.
    • No smoking or any form of cameras, cell phones or recording devices are allowed.
    • All vouchers and complimentary tickets are subject to change without notice and are only valid on certain dates.
    • The circus programme may change without notice.
    • No alcohol is allowed and entry is at one’s own risk.

Tour Dates & Show Times:

 Monday 19th August
 Tuesday 20th Polokwane,7pm 7pm
 Wednesday 21st Polokwane,7pm 7pm
 Thursday 22nd Polokwane,7pm* 7pm*
 Friday 23rd Polokwane,3pm & 7pm 3pm & 7pm
 Saturday 24th Polokwane,3pm & 7pm 3pm & 7pm
 Sunday 25th Polokwane,3pm 3pm
 Monday 26th
 Tuesday 27th Tzaneen,7pm 7pm
Wednesday 28th Tzaneen,3pm & 7pm 3pm & 7pm
 Thursday 29th
 Friday 30th Phalaborwa,7pm 7pm
 Saturday 31st Phalaborwa,3pm & 7pm 3pm & 7pm
 Sunday 1st September



Ivan Marais                         



Duncan Mclaren


Public Relations:

Karl Hilderbrant



Colin Scheffer                            

Arnold Dickson

067 996 0547

Below is an open letter from Tony Abegglen (a highly regarded man in the circus world)

Dear McLaren’s especially Duncan and David,

Please allow me to thank you for the great well attended show this afternoon. Having been involved with circuses for very many years I can honestly say this is one circus that should not be missed by any circus enthusiast or families with children.

Your programme was very entertaining, never boring and well presented. It covered the whole spectrum of audience from those who are still young at heart to the wrinkled teenagers and young children.

As far as I’m concerned just the atmosphere brought back nostalgic memories of my circus days. The smell of the animals, the saw-dust, the circus music. Everything was just wonderful and like an old-fashioned circus should be run. You have brought back the circus to basics. Well done!

I would like to congratulate you on the neatness of the grounds you played on, all your equipment, the staff’s friendly attitude and smart uniforms.

One point worth mentioning is the condition of all your animals and their living quarters. One always hears the negative reports from people opposing circuses who have performing animals. Every single one of your animals were housed in clean and spacious enclosures. They all looked well fed and in good condition.

Why am I telling you all this even although you know it? It is because you care for your animals, your staff and most important the joy you bring to the audience by the way of a well managed circus should be run.

My grand children range between three years to 10 years and have never been to a circus before. Today was a highlight in their lives. The absolute pleasure they got from seeing all the animals and artists perform is something they will never forget, and the joy on their faces is something I’ll never forget.

On behalf of my whole family I would like to wish you everything of the very best for the future of McLaren Circus. May you go from strength to strength.

Tony Abegglen and family.

Some Reviews/Comments:

– Enjoy South Africa’s favourite circus, the circus that roars with fun.

– The McLaren Circus aims to reintroduce the magic and variety of an old fashioned travelling circus via fun, balancing; contorting, tumbling, juggling and displays of agility.

– Travelling with this delightful band of gypsies is a fluffy entourage. Poodles, ponies, camels and pythons all compete with clowns, fire-eaters, sword swallowers and other colourful characters for attention.

– The taste of popcorn and candy floss adds to the nostalgia of the candy striped red and white tent and the smell of the sawdust ring. Balloon sculptors, face painters and stilt walkers complete the carnival atmosphere and all snap to attention at the crack of the ringmasters’ whip!