Our Beautiful Animals

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McLaren Circus has a variety of beautiful animals. We regard it a great privilege to work with animals.

Animals play an important part in the circus. They are treated well and are part of the family. Their well-being is of utmost importance. Our animals are transported comfortably between venues.

Careful attention is paid to their diets. They exercise, are groomed and their enclosures are kept clean daily. Veterinary care and good nutrition is also provided for our animals.

We are animal friendly.

Variety of Animals
McLaren Circus is a traditional circus and includes a variety of beautiful animals that include: dogs, goats, miniature horses, camels, welsh ponies, pythons, lions, white lions, Bengal tigers and white Bengal tigers.

Animal Care
McLaren Circus has a high standard of animal care. All are animals receive love and care 24 hours a days. We consult with veterinarians throughout South Africa to maintain a high standard. Careful attention is paid to all our animals diets and they receive fresh drinking water too. They all get exercise on a daily basis and receive various forms of stimulation through training and environmental stimulation.

Animal Enclosures
All our animals are kept safe on the McLaren Circus site. All the animals receive shelter/shade, bedding and fresh drinking water. Their enclosures are cleaned daily and they are groomed too. Our animals also get exercise daily. Our animals roam free at certain sites and our big cats have a play enclosure attached to there main enclosure too.

Special attention is paid to all our animals diets. They receive only the best fresh food/feed and clean drinking water daily. The circus has no sponsorship, you the public help the circus maintain and care for our beautiful animals.

All our animals are safely transported from venue to venue in specialized trailers. The circus only travels short distances, from town to town and in cities, suburb to suburb. All our animals are accustomed to transportation and show no signs of stress.

Veterinary Care
The circus has regular veterinary inspections throughout the country. We have specialized vets that we consult with and others that help us maintain a high standard of animal care. All our animals receive the necessary inoculations and are de-wormed on a regular basis. Our animals health and well-being is of utmost importance all times.

McLaren Circus educational animal tours are held on request.

Many towns across South Africa do not have any zoos or animal parks. The circus is the only place for many people to see animals and learn about them. The McLaren Circus has educational information boards displayed at all the circus animal's enclosures.

The circus also presents free educational animal tours after certain matinee performances. Here the public can learn more about our beautiful animals.

Primary schools, children charities and creches are welcome to experience our educational animal tours. So if you have a school, home or creche and would like an educational tour, kindly contact our booking line or bookings@mclarencircus.co.za. You will need to make a reservation at least two days before your proposed tour date.

Training Method
All our animals are trained by means of positive reinforcement, patience and love. All the animals receive a reward and praise for any positive action displayed. Negative behaviour is simply ignored. With time, patience and repetition, the animal will understand the command and reward. Our animals are only trained to perform to their natural abilities. They do not perform anything unnatural. The positive reinforcement training method is encouraged and supported by Animal Welfare Organizations. Our animals can be seen enjoying their performing and you will witness this when you experience a McLaren Circus spectacular show.

Animal Welfare Inspections
The McLaren Circus does receive inspections from various animal welfare organizations throughout southern Africa. The circus site is inspected regularly. McLaren Circus has a very high standard of animal care and always welcomes animal welfare organizations visits.

Big Cats
McLaren Circus owns and presents beautiful lions, white lions and Bengal tigers. All our big cats were born in captivity and from generations of big cats born in captivity. Our big cats are hand raised by their handlers and depend on humans for their survival. Our big cats have a large play enclosure attached to the main enclosures to play in and exercise. They all stimulated and exercised through various forms of environment stimulation activities and positive reinforcement training. Like all big cats they sleep up to 20 hours a day. Our big cats only perform to their natural abilities and do not do anything unnatural. Our big cats are ambassadors of their species and give many people the opportunity to see them close up and live. Educational information boards are displayed at their enclosures and the big cats are included in our Educational Animal Tours.


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